What is Ceragem Therapy?

​Ceragem Therapy is an amazing 100% natural therapy using thermal accupressure massage which increases blood circulation, purifies blood, increases immunity, relieves stress and aligns your spinal cord. For more information visit Ceragem

​​CERAGEM Co. Ltd is a leading South Korean health care company that was established in 1998. The Ceragem Master V3 is a state-of-the-art thermal acupressure massages bed that measures spinal length and curvature, and then massages the pressure points for increased blood circulation and to reduce stress.

Established in September 2016, Day N Night Health Solutions is a one-stop solution for all your aches and pains. Offering a range of thermal massage therapy amalgamated with sound therapy, CERAGEM Master V3 provides higher relaxation.

However, it is essential to consider the fact that CERAGEM Thermal Massage Demonstration Center is only for those looking at the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. It is not for those just looking for a free session for fun.

Enhanced with therapeutic benefit to relieve and alleviate a multitude of health issues, the basic premise and functionality includes benefiting from the Thermal acupressure. The roller massager has a semi-precious Jade crystal, which when heated, emits infra-red rays that penetrate deep into the skin and relaxes the muscles. Additionally, it works on the acupressure points in your body.

The Korean technology based massage bed, not only sends in mild heat waves along with the jade stone infused roller, but combining the technological advancements, it helps to alleviate the stress and pain especially as it moves down the spinal column.

The roller, as it moves down the spinal vertebral column, the pressure points are pressed gently and that provides relief to the knee pain, arthritis, improves blood circulation, joint pains and is known to bring relief to a multitude of other disorders.

Paramjit Mond.
Our business is owned and managed by Paramjit Mond, a health aficionado who wants to create awareness about alternative methods of pain management and has helped thousands of people find relief from a range of diseases and disorders.

We also sell Ceragem Master V3, ceramate and shoulder massager.

Massage Therapy
Half Hour —-$ 10-00
One Hour —-$ 20-00

Introductory Price
$10 for Half Hour Therapy

Display models available for 30 minutes session. All walk ins are welcome. No appointment. First come, first serve.
10 am – 7 15 pm

Introductory Price
$20 for One Hour Therapy

Display models available for 1 hour session.
All walk ins are welcome. No appointment. First come, first serve. 10 am – 7-15 pm
Now Introducing Ceratonic Mat therapy specially for older people that can not Handel the pain of the rollers of Master V3 therapy.

Details about how the Mat therapy works

Ceragem’s hexagonal ceramic is made from greenstone, red clay, serpentine jade and others. These 215 ceramics provide convergent radiant far infrared heat finger pressure effects and soothe fatigue. It provides an intensive thermal effect of far-infrared rays by the incorporation of about 50,000 CERATONICs microballs. And It can be used safely by double blocking of electronic magnetic waves through the thermal lines without magnetic field and provides a sense of comfort due to the combination of suede fabric and cotton padding. Easy to clean and maintain thanks to anti-stain and water repellent treatment. Application of refined design by using high quality fabrics y stylish colors. Its controller is easy to use for anyone and prevents fires through the turn off automatic system after 12 hours.


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